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    Windmasters are an Australian Icon. They are able to run in the slightest breeze and require no electricity. Windmasters can remove hot and damp air from your attic space, dramatically improving temperatures and comfort in your home.
    SupaVent's are the next generation of roof vents. Designed and manufactured in Australia, these vents are made to withstand the Australian climate. Supavents are designed with vertical veins to vent air even with the slightest breeze and remove more air from inside the roof.
    The innovative new powered roof top ventilator, developed to meet the cooling and drying needs of residential homes.
    Maestro Power Vent

    A 300mm roof mounted, thermostatically controlled powered ventilator.

    The Maestro is designed to exhaust heat from the roof space of a home, increasing the comfort levels for the occupants. The Maestro runs on a 12V DC power system that can be directly connected to a solar panel if required.

    TurboBeam Ventilated Skylight
    TurboBeam is the first turbine ventilator to provide roof space ventilation and enable natural light to enter the attic space.
    Sewer Ventilation

    An active ventilation system is recommended for Sewer applications to ensure there is air movement in the system to decrease gaseous build ups.  

    Roof Valve
    Hot air naturally rises, building up in the top of roof spaces. Electric or wind powered ventilators suck large volumes of air out by force. Roof valves let air naturally rise through its opening, without the need for wind or electricity.
    Turbo Ventura

    A 150mm roof mounted, wind driven turbine ventilator. The TurboVentura is ideal for ventilating small areas, where the removal of moisture laden air to atmosphere is required.

    Direct Air Ventilation System (DAVS)

    Direct Air Ventilation System is an economical powered vent system kit designed to remove excess heat from the home, enabling its replacement by cooler and fresher external air.


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